Amal Yaadein

Syed Shehroz
10 min readOct 17, 2020


What else can be better way to describe memories of Amal Fellowship than writing names of each and every fellow (with I interacted) and sharing memories? I would prefer some native language as well which will express my expressions in a better way.

Ma’am Zaryab:
In the session, your motivations and beautiful insights will be unforgettable in my memory. You are the best lady teacher I ever had. I will miss your “Mardana Laughing” Aaaahahahahaha and my life will always have a significant chapter for you and our 1–1 interaction was worth remembering. I learnt many things from you but specially acceptance, gratitude and praising. I am too much inspired from you that I have planned to name my daughter after you InshaAllah. If I want to share one memory, it’s not possible for me. I got a mentor in you through this fellowship.

Ma’am Zarafshan:
I can never ever forget such a beautiful smile and an always nodding head to make us confident of whatever we were saying in the session. When I was about to leave this fellowship, you supported me by saying, “Shehroz if you have a busy hectic week, you can submit your work on weekend”. If anyone else would be there except you, I would not be able to continue fellowship. My best memory with you was the emotional session of 10/10/2020.

Abdul Mannan:
It was a remarkable session when we had a quiz and we group mates, specially I, said Abdul Mannan will go from our group, we bet for 500 points and we won as well. You made my fellowship remarkable with your good insights. Your helping behavior is unforgettable. Moreover, your voice messages over WhatsApp are really unforgettable.

The best experience with you was when you and Iqra presented something and everyone gave you a destructive feedback and you still accepted and I was really impressed from it. You are such a helping personality keep the good work up.

Fareena Tariq:
Fareena was the first fellow who I interacted in Amal. I will always remember whenever you asked for help, only that occasion I hadn’t started the PW.

Haider Khan:
Engineer Sahab you are such a great person. I will always be sorry and regret that I could not interact with fellow like you. Unfortunately, when we were in the same circle, I couldn’t give time to you. That’s why we had a less interaction.

Hamna Sehar:
Hamna I shall always remember there was girl in our batch with a golden heart and never said no to anyone when someone asked for help. You will be next Edhi Sahab or first Hamna InshaAllah. I will remember when how did you help the girl for gathering Jahez.

Hamza is a quiet personality. I am sorry the fellowship is about to end and I don’t remember any experience with you. Next janam me sai InshaAllah :)

Huma Anwar:
Huma is a very amazing and “Parhaku” fellow of our batch. I came to know there are few fellows who start course first and end them first. Then I decided whether or not I complete a course, I shall start it first before Human and the other “Parhaku” students. Although we didn’t have much interaction in the session yet I made good memories with her in the group of WhatsApp.

Iqra Fasih:
I don’t know where to start. I will remember there was a girl in the session who always compromised her health for the sake of exceptional grades. As a student, Iqra is an ideal example. As a fellow, I was really inspired by the insights of Iqra. Specially, she always has references from some ideal personalities to support her argument. She is religious and above all she really call me as her brother.

Kalsoom Khan:
Before I met Kalsoom, I had a perception that “Pathans” are nice and talented and Kalsoom is a perfect example of those “Pathans”. I do believe she belong to a Sharif and Izzatdar family (others as well xD). I will remember my interaction with her in the breakout room when we were discussing the punishment for child abuse and rapist. I was really inspired by the insights of Kalsoom.

I am sorry the fellowship is about to end and I don’t remember any experience with you. One reason is that you were absent in some of the sessions as well. Next janam me sai InshaAllah :)

Maryam Naseer:
Maryam is one of the innocent looking fellow. But I do believe, for no reason, she is not actually xD. We didn’t have much interaction in session but I remember a slightly glimpse of some breakout room activities. And one more thing, throughout the fellowship her microphone always had an issue. (Haha)

Mian Muhammad Talha Akram:
I am sorry the fellowship is about to end and I don’t remember any experience with you. One reason is that you were absent in some of the sessions as well. Next janam me sai InshaAllah :)

Mishka Zaheer:
Although we did not have much interaction in the sessions yet I will remember you because of your boldness and your emotional story dated 10/10/2020.

Mudasir Ali:
Mudassir Bhai is love. I will remember your song, you sang in the session. I’ll also remember your life map and your creativity of posts.
Muhammad Ather: Ather is my university fellow. But unfortunately we did not get a proper chance to interact during this fellowship.
Muhammad Awais Zubair: A very talented and good front bencher boy. I will remember you because of Amal Academy Song “Ye watan tumhara hy”. You were looking super handsome in it.

Muhammad Bilal:
Although we didn’t get proper opportunities in sessions yet I enjoyed our shugal in WhatsApp group and will always remember it.

Muhammad Tayyab Raza:
Your picture with pagri and Ather’s comment on it has been a continuous source of laughing for me. That evening I was laughing again and again watching your pic. I will always remember your “Batman Vs Superman” with Rida on some play ❤

Muhammad Yousaf Altaf:
Yousuf is a great person. We got an opportunity to interact in the mega circle and we made many memories. I will remember how funny you always had handsfree in your mouth xD

Muhammad Zeeshan Zahid:
Again one of the quite fellows. I will remember how “Ap moonchoo ko tao detay thay” and our first circle experience, your future goals and beautiful insights.

Muneeba Badar:
Muneeba has quite personality. She is a very talented fellow. I got twice opportunity to interact with her in the breakout rooms. Best experience was the red thing activity in which I tried wrong but Muneeba did right.

Muntaha Anwar:
Muntaha is a “Parhaku” fellow. I will remember our first interaction when we were in the breakout room and I was totally blank. Your sharp memory saved us and you recalled everything. Your video editing is worth remembering.

Nafisa Noureen:
Nafisa is my AP. Such a kind hearted fellow and a nice person. You really helped me in doing my PW. We would make more and more worth remembering memories if I would have been regular and your health would be fine as well. I will also remember that the award of mostly camera turn off will go to you.

Nouman Alam:
“Madaa Jaan”, Noman Bhai’s dps are award winning. I will remember your pathani lovely smile. I will miss your beautiful insights in the sessions. In you, I saw a boy with less confidence transforming into a well confident fellow.
Noman Ali: One of the loveliest person and a good example of loyal friend (with Hasnain). If I were at your university there would have been a world war 3 between me and Hasnain on you XD. I will remember your emotional story and will give this example to my academy’s students.

Qasim Farooq:
In Qasim I found a brother. If I were to ask Allah and choose a brother for myself, I would ask for Qasim. You have been raised very well. I remember your life map, it was awesome. I remember our first interaction. I remember the struggle of your parents, I will remember the call we had about the internship and final year project idea. I remember you made thousands of mistakes in my blog for me so that I could correct it. I remember your feelings of gratitude in the session when you got award for best resumé. Moreover, I will always remember you and will be in contact with you. I wish we will remain in contact forever ❤ ❤ ❤

Raja Hasnain Ali:
Hasnain unfortunately it’s online classes. Everyone thinks me shareef. But in actual “apun is also a Bhai Log like you and a back bencher or even worse category”. I sit outside the classes xD. If it were the physical classes, “Apun log ne session ki naak me damm kr dena tha” Anyhow its difficult to say one thing but I made too many memories with you and yes we are living dual lives, correctly said by you.

Rida Sindhu:
Your acting in the play was amazing. I will remember your beautiful insights and your niece who was an enemy of your notes. In you, I got a fellow with amazing insights, consistency, struggling and an urge to prove yourself.
Rimsha Aslam: Although we did not interact much. But Rimsha is one of the decent plus talented fellows of our batch. I will remember you Allama Iqbal like expression and periodic smile in the sessions.

Roshan Yameen:
Roshan you are one of the fellows who made my fellowship awesome. I made many memories with you. Roshan is one of the most PARHAKU students I have ever met. I have made bundle of memories with you. You are one of those fellows who understands what words don’t say. I remember and will also remember your life map, “Jaldi jaldi start kr do takay hmara breakout room sb se oper aye” (gol sa mu bna k), shughal of WhatsApp group, your funny video of shy girl, your starting project work after two minutes of ma’am’s mail, your longest ever notes, your presence in your classes and sessions as well and many breakout rooms interactions.

Shair Ali:
Ek larka tha bhola bhala sa. Hr larki ki friend list me paya jata tha. Bolo bolo kon? xD :D Btw he was a good and bright fellow. I will miss your “aintoo ka bhatta”.

Shumail Arif:
Good fellow. Although we didn’t interact much in the sessions but I got another sister in you.

Syed Muzammil Ali:
I am sorry the fellowship is about to end and I don’t remember any experience with you because of poor memory except one or two breakout rooms but don’t even remember the theme. Next janam me sai InshaAllah :)

Syed Taha Hassan:
I am sorry the fellowship is about to end and I don’t remember any experience with you you because of poor memory except one or two breakout rooms but don’t even remember the theme. Next janam me sai InshaAllah :)

Syeda Afnan Mujahid:
A very humble and most supportive personality. I can give an example of best group leader by saying her name proudly. She is a talented fellow who made it possible for me to complete my fellowship. I can surely say, if it were anyone else except her, he or she would kick me out of the group. Afnan I am and I will always be thankful to you for this. You are suer supportive fellow :) The best thing I liked in you is that you never said no whenever I asked you for a help.

Talha Younus:
“We grow up by lifting others”. I will remember this sentence of yours. Moreover, I will remember your beautiful insights you gave us during the sessions. Above all, when you inbox me and praised me, it meant a lot to me. Brother you made my fellowship worth remembering. InshaAllah apun apni shadi pr aap se jora silwaye ga xD. Yrr you are just ❤

Talha Zaryab:
Talha Zaryab is my bestie in the fellowship. Talha’s nature is like mine. We both like stalking fellows :D. Our feelings are synch. His nature is too much helping. I will remember late night treat at Online Pizza and Chaman Ice Cream. I will remember our exchange of words. I will remember our shughal in the WhatsApp group. Your insights are unforgettable Talha. I have a special place for you in my heart. I have long term plans with you to visit whole world. You are ❤ ❤ ❤

Tehreem Zahra:
Tehreem your typing speed, I will always remember. I wanted to challenge you for a typing speed challenge. My typing speed is 60 words/minute but then I got sure your speed is a bit higher than me. You got busy otherwise we would have more memories.

Usama Fayyaz:
“Love Man with Lovely Family”. I will always remember your voice and beautiful insights during the sessions. To be honest, I really enjoyed your words whenever you spoke in the session.

Usman Ali:
Your magical voice is unforgettable. Your tilawat was the end ❤. I have nothing to say more.

Our circle experience was amazing. I will remember how you struggled for taking the session. Even you were ill and was unable to attend the sessions as well. Great efforts Zaferan.

Zainab Nadeem:
One of the most inspiring fellows I have ever met. Thanks for making my fellowship worth remembering. I got so much appreciation from you and your presence and words make me feel special. I want to be that one person which you think. I have no words to explain my experience. Your husband is a lucky person. I pray Allah keep you both happy as you are. You are the cutest couple. Zainab has superpowers of kindness and helping people. You know Zainab, you are one of the few really GEM and EXCEPTIONAL people I have ever met.

Zulfiqar Ali:
I will remember the way you were helping fellows in the excel work in the session. I will remember your sweet tone ❤