Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Syed Shehroz
3 min readAug 21, 2020


The busy hectic life of people now a days

My past experience

I’m already familiar with this technique in my past. As it was mentioned in the Inter Part-2 English book chapter no. 3 “Why Boys Fail in the College?”. This chapter is all about the reasons of students who fail in college. One reason of failure is “Nervous Habits”. While we are doing our important work, at times, we suffer from such nervous habits like, I should better sharpen my pencils, I should arrange my books properly.

How did I use this technique?

College Life
Like some other students, I also suffered from nervous habits in my inter. I used to study only few minutes but spent most of my time while making plans for it. Like “How much syllabus do I have now?”, “What if I study that many pages everyday from tomorrow?” These habits didn’t allow me to focus on studies. Moreover, when I got some text, my whole day got wasted. I used my technique similar to this one. I used to keep my phone on silent for 30 minutes and after every 30 minutes I looked at my phone for some messages etc.

University Life
The university life was the hardest period of my life. This screenshot is telling that I used to spend over 6 hours on Facebook daily along with my routine works and there are other social media platforms also available. It was so embarrassing for me as well and I used to think over my future.

Spending more than 3 hours on Facebook

Then finally after getting sick tired of that routine, I made changes in myself. I made a fixed time for everything and I made a principle for me that I shall only do one task at a time. Like “While taking tea, or having breakfast/lunch/dinner/food no reply to any message ”, “Mobile would be off and remain in pocket in the mosque or while offering prayers”, “While preparing for the exams, after 45 minutes of studies, there will be 15 minutes for mobile and rest.” In my life I already use this technique but the intervals to take a break are different for me.

Effective time management with promodro technique

Was this experiment difficult for you or not that difficult?
For a person like me, it was really difficult to stay away from distortions but when you have a goal in front of you, the reward gives you the motivation for it.
Did it help you accomplish more or about the same?
Yes, it did help me a lot to accomplish the same sometimes maybe lesser because I’m easily diverted towards distractions.
Do you plan on doing this again regularly, and what will you do to improve the experience?
Well obviously, it’s a good technique to manage time and do multitasking as well. At times one need to have a 36 hours day because of his schedule and task. So it’s adjusted according to the need and there is flexibility in it as well. Here is the proof that I use Facebook only for a minute daily. Haters will say it’s Photoshop :D

Average time of using facebook is 1 minute