Positive Reflection

Syed Shehroz
2 min readOct 10, 2020


Be positive about yourself

The journey of Amal will always be remembered in good words in my memories. It’s really hard to say which instance I like the most in this time. Thinking for several minutes I found a tie between two events and could not choose one. So I will share them briefly.

Mock Interview

The mock interview session was one of the best sessions throughout the fellowship. The interviewer was a pretty straight forward person who gave me a true reflection of where I stand. I learned a lot from other interviewers in the session as well, and hopefully will give a feedback of it through my actions (InshaAllah). Although I am a job holder (Alhamdulillah) yet I also get to know why I was rejected in some of them. I’ll never forget this session (InshaAllah).

Emotional Session of October 10, 2020 (10/10/2020)

Like the unique date, this session had its own uniqueness. In this session, a too much remembered my past experiences which caused the biggest damage to me. I have also seen many unfavorable circumstances. But I don’t have courage to tell them. I am the person who could not weep on the death of father in front of relatives. Moreover, I heard our sweet Ma’am Zarafshan ❤ crying which I never imagined. I heard stories of Noman Ali ❤, Hamna ❤, Huma ❤, Iqra ❤, Hasnain ❤, Mishka ❤, Talha ❤, Abdul Mannan ❤ and Ma’am Zaryab ❤. I found many brave people around me and got too much motivation and many stories to tell to people in my circle.