Strength Stories

Syed Shehroz
4 min readSep 12, 2020


It’s the blessing of the mightiest Allah Almighty who is the most beneficent and great. He blessed me with many strengths for which I didn’t even thank but He still shows mercy. I do believe when Allah is on my side, I am the strongest person. Here are the three qualities and their respective stories I like to share with you all.

Strong person

1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the prime qualities of Holy Prophet PBUH. My religion and my parents taught me to forgive people. About 4 years back, a neighbor misbehaved with my baba, neighboring quarrels are common in our societies :) After a few days, the woman who misbehaved, had a sciatica attack and she was crying for help on bed as this pain was intolerable. Her family believed in Dum etc and had no sense to go to the hospital.

Seeing this I came to my father and I didn’t ask him in-fact I told him, “Baba I am taking her to the hospital.” Baba said to me, “Go my son as soon as possible”. I got her checked by some doctors who gave her pain killers and she had a sigh of relief. She came to my father for an apology and thanked him too. And since then we have good relations.

Happy neighbors

2. Creative Problem Solving

A man was on his death bed in our neighboring. He was unable to take food and the doctor advised his family only to give him food in liquid form. He was unable to sit. He laid down straight on the bed and when he was given milk shake in the glass, the liquid fell on his clothes and this thing frustrated the old man and he abused and denied taking the food in liquid form.

I hit upon a plan. I made a hole in the cap of the bottle and made a Jugaadi feeder for the old man and asked his family to give him food through it. The old man happily took the milk, then milk shake and then nectar. His clothes didn’t get wet and he eventually came back from the death bed. His family thanked me and the man himself as well.

3. Risking

There was a time when I didn’t hesitate taking risks. You might have seen in the films such thing which I am going to tell you. But hopefully, you will believe in my words. About 5 years ago, my mamu was saying to me that a man borrowed some spare parts from my him and didn’t pay for it since a long time and each time he said to him that come to me if you want money and threats etc. He was like a cat who was lion in her own house. Don’t know how an idea appeared in my mind. I said to my mamu what if I could take you money from him? My mamu thought I was joking and said I would give you 10,000 rupees for it.

Now the interesting part: I went to the show room of the man in Harbanspura and asked for a Honda 125 and showed him I am interested in buying his bike. I asked him to hold my purse in which couple of thousand rupees notes were appearing. I sat on the bike, checked the petrol and race and everything seemed to me fine. I bring the bike off the ramp and gave him a bye signal. With full speed I did Dhoom 3 :D He, with 2–3 boys, tried to chase me. But it was impossible because I was like a PRO RACER. Inside the purse there was a note: “Come to Noman Bhai’s shop with the money.” He came to our godam laughing and smiling and handed the money to my mamu, took his 125 back and I got my reward as well. My mamu and my mama expressed their anger that why did I do that without their permission and …

My purpose is not to tell everyone that I did mischief in my past. I honestly regret that and don’t do racing now, and also think what if I was caught why did I take such dangerous risk. But I was immature at that time. I just wrote this to show How Creative My Problem Solving Skills Are :)

Dr. Shehroz escaping scene